Lotus Chaat & Spices Patio

Lotus Chaat & Spices Patio with patrons and pets

Lotus Chaat has a Street Cafe patio on 4th Street in the West End of San Rafael.

How does this sound: Al fresco dining on warm days right on the street, eating street food, watching the world go by…

Lotus Chaat & Spices patio is a great place for outdoor dining in San Rafael especially on hot Summer days.

Want to tag along with yout pet, No Problem! It’s also 100% pet friendly.

Come enjoy delicious healthy South Indian Street Food in a relaxed outdoor environment. Lotus Chaat is the only place in Marin County where you can enjoy Indian Street Food. When you’re done with your streetside meal come shop at our Indian Grocery!

When in the San Francisco North Bay come get your Indian Street Food fix by dining out on the street at Lotus Chaat & Spices!