Surinder Sroa

Lotus Chaat & Spices is one of several Indian restaurants in Marin County run by Surinder Sroa and his family. Surinder, or Pal as he is called by his friends, was born in India and grew up in the grocery and spice business. Surinder and his wife Linda Sroa, and their son Jyoti created this eatery in 1998. Pal has been a resident of Marin County since 1987 and feels privileged to run the best Indian restaurants in Marin. Surinder is also very proud to have many members of his family helping to make the Lotus Family of Indian restaurants the very best in the San Francisco North Bay.

Pradeep Malik

Pradeep Malik

Our manager Pradeep Malik has been with the Lotus Family of Restaurants since 2010. Pradeep hails from state of Haryana in the Punjab area of Northern India. Haryana is known as a dynamic hub for business and industry.

Pradeep thinks of Lotus Chaat owner Surinder Sroa as a father and is quite proud to be working with Lotus. He treats customers like family, so be sure to say hello to Pradeep the next time you visit Lotus Chaat & Spices.

The Spinach with Cauliflower Dosa is Pradeep’s favorite dish at Lotus Chaat and he loves the Dahi Puri as well. He is happy that he has this opportunity to live and work in Marin County and enjoys the beautiful environment and clean living that Marin  offers. Pradeep and his crew want customers to feel great about about what they’ve eaten, so asking for samples is encouraged! Every menu item is cooked fresh every day with mostly organic ingredients.